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Join us for another Affiliate Summit West 2024 edition of ComplianceCast, where next up we have a double feature with two industry vets – Mark Epes and Chris Thomas. Mark, Head of Commerce at Minerva Analytics, shares his mission in Vegas: promoting his email marketing company and catching up with clients and friends. Chris Thomas, co-founder of The Partner Agency, brings his expertise in B2B performance marketing into the spotlight, sharing his excitement for the opportunities ASW attendees show up for.

But let’s get to the fun part—our rapid-fire Vegas questions reveal the best (and worst!) places to stay, where to grab a drink, and the top spots to dine during the summit. We also talk about whether AI robots will take over by next Friday, or if we’re already in the matrix. (Did we take the red or the blue pill?) More seriously, we explore how AI is streamlining operations, from content writing to creative approvals, making us think about the balance between automation and human touch.

Excitement buzzes for what’s ahead, especially in B2B partnership marketing, a field exploding with potential. As for email marketing, it’s resilient (big surprise!), evolving amidst new challenges from Gmail Yahoo!, and seizing new opportunities for growth.

So, whether you’re thinking about your next ASW adventure or looking for insider knowledge on navigating the digital marketing landscape, tune in. 

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