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New episodes of the ComplianceCast will be hitting the interwebs each week into September and we’re excited to bring you Episode 6, featuring two of our friends from Everflow!  With the latest ComplianceCast videos, we were thrilled to catch up with a number of industry folks who haven’t been featured in our previous videos and this episode is no exception.


During Affiliate Summit East in New York, we caught up with Tony Cohn and Remy Swopes. Tony has been in the internet and affiliate arena for years, while Remy is relatively new to the industry, but jumping in with both feet. Our usual ComplianceCast host (OPTIZMO head of marketing, Tom Wozniak) chatted with them both about the industry, compliance, and what Everflow was up to at the event.

You can check out the full episode above and, if you’ve missed any previous episodes, check them out in our Video Library Here. Enjoy!







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