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We took some time off between the last ComplianceCast, as we headed off to New York and Toronto this summer to attend Affiliate Summit East, the MailCon Mixer, and then Affiliate Grand Slam north of the border. We had a chance to meet up with a bunch of clients, partners, and industry friends at the shows and we’re excited to start releasing this next set of videos!

We kick things off with ComplianceCast 2022 Episode 5, including a convo with affiliate marketing industry OG, longtime OPTIZMO client, and CEO and Founder of Admediary – PK! (aka Peter Klein) 

Our head of marketing, Tom Wozniak, has known PK for almost 20 years, and in the video they discuss how they must have been child prodigies, getting started when they were about 8 years old. PK also talks about the excitement of being back at full-scale in-person shows again in 2022. 

Check out the episode below! And, in case you missed an episode, check out our full video library by clicking this link.

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