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It’s not news to any marketing professional that once again email marketing campaigns are going to be essential to driving business and serving as a central gateway to company news, new initiatives and social media campaigns. At the same time, email list strategies that were effective a decade ago are now stale and passe. Today’s market is driven by technology, innovation, education and style. Email campaign management is especially important considering the fact that many individuals will open promotional correspondences on smartphones or other mobile devices, potentially through a cloud network. Marketers should think about brand identity, focus, accessibility, content and visual design when conducting an effective campaign, while taking advantage of new technologies to reach out to different consumers.

Mobile friendly design
Marketers have to consider audience at every step of email promotions, including email list cleansing, content and platforms on which content will be viewed. In fast-paced work environments, it is likely that consumers will view email lists during commuting or while traveling for business, and that means more customers view content on smartphones and tablets. Images and print should be formatted for smaller screens so that don’t have to scroll horizontally to read long lines of text. It is best to consider aspects of security when composing mobile content, as improper encryption could cause data breaches, which could damage email lists.

Content is still king
Companies wishing to run effective campaigns should ensure that communications don’t simply read like a weekly sale flyer. Email lists can help businesses inform customers about services and products, but can also disseminate exclusive content related to the the industry or educational articles about products sold. Informed consumers are more likely to purchase products that they feel are beneficial, and if they receive content from a particular firms’ email list, consumers consider these companies industry experts. Design is crucial when it comes to content as well – there’s no point in laboring over exclusive content to set it in purple Jester font.

Streamlining campaigns to include email, social media and text message-based promotions can help companies ensure that consumers are familiar with products, but this should be done sparingly. In short, don’t spam. There are regulations in that email lists should have an opt-out option, and consumer complaints can damage brand reputation and website search engine rankings. Offering promotions like sample products, gift cards or free apps can decrease the likelihood of complaints. Companies that give customers things they want in digital areas will be more likely to see repeat business.

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