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 A Roadmap for Advertisers Interested in Adding Email to their Affiliate Marketing Programs

Email has been a highly effective marketing tool for companies from virtually every industry for over 40 years. Many companies leverage email mainly as a means of communicating with current and past customers. However, email can also be a top performing customer acquisition channel, as long as the program is set up and managed correctly, focusing on compliance and working with experts in acquisition marketing.  

OPTIZMO teamed up with Perform[cb], the top-rated CPA network in the global affiliate marketing industry, leveraging each team’s area of expertise to create a comprehensive guide for advertisers to gain a better understanding of the steps involved in successfully adding an email affiliate program to their customer acquisition strategy.

The guide walks readers through the process of understanding the way that an effective email affiliate program is structured and how compliance with key email marketing regulations fits into the equation.  Key chapters include:

  • The value proposition of email marketing
  • How affiliate programs work
  • What is email compliance?
  • An overview of the CAN-SPAM Act
  • A look at the email opt-out management process

The guide should be valuable to any company considering adding email marketing to their customer acquisition strategy, by providing insights into both email compliance and how to leverage affiliate marketers within the email program.

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An Advertiser’s Guide to Utilizing an Email Affiliate Program

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An Advertiser's Guide to Utilizing an Email Affiliate Program

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