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We’re back on the digital airwaves with a unique episode of ComplianceCast! Sit back and enjoy a conversation with Amanda Farris, the co-mastermind behind the women-empowering initiative, LinkUnite.

Amanda sat down with OPTIZMO’s COO, Tom Wozniak during in Denver this year for a wide-ranging discussion that we are breaking up into multiple ComplianceCast releases. In this first video, Amanda and Tom discuss the journey of LinkUnite from an idea in 2018 through conversations with Tom, Khris, and other founding partners during Affiliate Summit West, a kickoff event in 2022, to the lead-up to its third in-person event (the event took place recently in Park City, UT, September 24-27, 2023).

Amanda also talks about how LinkUnite has grown to a few hundred members in such a short time, recently launching into a corporate membership model, allowing for more women to join the group.  

OPTIZMO is proud to be a founding partner in LinkUnite, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the success they’ve already had in their mission to empower women in the digital marketing industry. From fantastic networking and educational events, to most recently, a career-changing mentorship program, the industry is already experiencing a positive impact.

After checking out this great new episode, take a peek at our overflowing Video Library for all the previous ComplianceCast episodes and so much more. Stay tuned, there’s always more to come!

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