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We’re going to step outside of our more traditional blog post topics on Email Compliance and offer up a few quick tips from the OPTIZMO team on a key topic for a lot of U.S. folks this week.  If you’re making the trip over to London for Affiliate Summit Europe 2018 (or any other long international flight), then this post is for you.  Here are some key items to bring with you on your next long international flight.

  1. Noise Canceling Headphones – Great for any flight, but worth their weight in gold if you happen to be on a flight with screaming kids.
  2. Portable Power Pack – The last thing you want is for your iPhone, iPad or other key electronic device to run out of juice mid flight.
  3. iPad or other Entertainment Device – No one leaves home without their mobile phone these days, but a long flight is also a the perfect place to break out that bigger screen on your iPad to watch a movie, read a book, or play a video game.
  4. Movies, Podcasts, Playlists – Having every cool electronic device at your fingertips isn’t worth much if you don’t have any content on them.  Don’t assume you’ll have WiFi or onboard TV to watch.  Load up your device with a couple of movies or TV shows and update your travel music playlist before the trip.
  5. Books, Magazines – Sometimes it’s good to go old school and just have a good book to read.  Plus, the battery never runs out.
  6. Neck Pillow – They may look silly, but if you want to get some sleep on your long flight, this is probably a better option than snoozing on the shoulder of that stranger sitting next to you.
  7. Snacks – I’m always surprised when a long flight doesn’t have a meal available, but it happens pretty often.  Don’t be at the mercy of buying a $10 bag of pretzels to keep you going for 10 hours.  Pack a few snacks in your carry on bag to have at the ready.

Safe travels this week, if you’re headed to London!

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