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Affiliate Grand Slam Highlights… and we mean HIGHlights!

We’re back this week with the second video from our team’s trip to Dubai for the inaugural Affiliate Gland Slam (AGS) in 2021! You can also check out our first video from the event, with some fun footage of the team traveling to and arriving in Dubai for the show. OPTIZMO was the official Email Compliance Sponsor for the event and we sent five members of the team to Dubai for the show.

This week’s video provides some highlights from the event itself, but still weaves in some of the great ‘team time’ we were able to fit into the trip. We figured visiting Dubai might be a once-in-a-lifetime trip, so we had to make the most of it. A few of us figured there was no better way to get to know this new city than to climb to the top of a 45 story building and fly off on a zipline. 🙂

You’ll also see plenty of Affiliate Grand Slam Highlights including: 

  • The AGS event itself, including the exhibit hall, conference sessions, and Team OPTIZMO making the rounds.
  • The OPTIZMO team at our exhibit booth, meeting with clients and prospects.
  • Our head of marketing, Tom Wozniak, on stage during his keynote (The Future of Email in 2021 and Beyond) and panel discussion on email marketing.
  • Scenes from a few of our upcoming client and partner interviews that we recorded at the event.

We’ll be releasing more videos in the weeks ahead, including Tom’s complete presentation and interview with the AGS TV crew, multiple partner interviews with some great affiliate marketing industry experts, and so much more!

In the meantime, enjoy these great highlights from a memorable conference and travel experience! And, we’ll be bringing even more AGS content your way later in the year, after we sponsor AGS Malta in November!


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