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Affiliate Grand Slam Dubai 2021 – Outtakes and Bloopers

You knew we were saving one last video from Dubai to release before the end of the year – the outtakes and bloopers! These have been some of our most popular videos from past series, with good reason. Our video genius, Jonathan Salas, Creative Director of Visual Marketing makes our videos and the team look amazing, but safe to say we don’t always make it easy for him. These outtakes and bloopers give you a little glimpse into what he has to work with every time we shoot video. 

This outtakes video also offers some serious life lessons that anyone can use (whether you’re in email marketing or not), such as never putting a breath mint in your mouth while wearing a face mask. You’ll understand when you watch the video, trust us. 😉

We hope you enjoy our last video from Dubai and be sure to check out all of our videos on our Video Library, or on our Vimeo channel

Then, get ready for us to come out of the gate strong in 2022, with new videos we will shoot during MailCon Vegas and Lead Generation World in January. If you thought we couldn’t top our previous video series, just you wait. We have some serious plans…


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