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Affiliate Grand Slam Dubai 2021 – The Future of Email Presentation

Check out the next video in our Affiliate Grand Slam Dubai 2021 series! This time around, we have a slightly longer video of the keynote presentation delivered live from the heart of Dubai by OPTIZMO’s now COO, Tom Wozniak.

Tom, a renowned marketing expert, shares his valuable insights in this short keynote, where you’ll learn a bit about three key challenges facing email marketing in 2021 and beyond, along with ways for email marketers to adapt and thrive. Those challenges include:

• Changing Consumer Engagement
• New Laws and Regulations
• Developing Technology

Tom discusses different strategies and best practices that email marketers can implement in order to efficiently navigate these challenges and maintain a successful email marketing campaign.

We hope you enjoy the presentation! Tom will be expanding on these topics and sharing new insights when he speaks at Affiliate Grand Slam Malta in November. You can expect the next presentation to delve into things like Apple’s new Mail Privacy Protection feature and other developments impacting email marketing, as well as exploring emerging trends to stay ahead of the game in this ever-evolving industry.

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