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5 Stats That Will Make You Wonder Why You Aren’t Using SMS Marketing – Business 2 Community

Published on 8/30/19 on Business 2 Community

Digital marketing is constantly evolving, with new communication channels and platforms emerging on a constant basis. Marketers are always on the lookout for a new channel to add to their marketing programs and most of their attention is on those exciting opportunities (Augmented Reality! Personalized OTT Digital Video! etc.). However, what if there was an older channel that isn’t universally used by every advertiser? What if this platform also happened to regularly deliver spectacular performance metrics? You might want to give it some consideration, wouldn’t you?

Here are 5 stats that should catch your attention and suggest that it might be time for you to look at old-school SMS/text message marketing and how it might fit into your overall marketing strategy.

5 billion people actively send and receive text messages (Text Request)

How many other ‘new’ marketing channels come with a built-in audience that encompasses the majority of people on the planet? Text message marketing is almost as ubiquitous as the cell phones that billions of consumers carry with them at all times. Despite its status as an old school form or communication (since the first text message was sent all the way back in 1992), SMS is more popular today than ever. Like other types of mobile marketing, the ability to tap into this vast potential audience makes SMS marketing valuable to a wide range of advertisers.

SMS Open Rates can reach 98% (SlickText)

It’s great to have a huge potential audience, but every marketer knows that the key is to get them to actually notice and acknowledge your marketing message. Because of the incredibly immediate nature of text message communication, SMS open rates can reach as high as 98%. That’s the kind of open rate that any email marketer would dream about. It’s not surprising when you think about your own user behavior with your mobile phone. When a text message comes in, you are very likely to open it to check out the message, even if it isn’t from your partner or best friend. There aren’t many marketers that wouldn’t want to know that nearly 100% of their audience will see their message.

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