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Digital communications are becoming a leading tool for marketing and customer service across almost every industry. The internet provides professionals with direct lines of communication with consumers and vice versa, making it more efficient for many to reach a broader audience in less time. However, many companies struggle with one specific area of digital communications – compliance. According to a recent study, The Futurewealth Report, this is particularly true for financial firms.

“Financial providers need to get a firm grip on the regulatory requirements and how their compliance departments can help them provide outstanding campaigns that are clear, fair and not misleading to the general public,” said Lee Werrell, managing director for CEI Compliance.

Email marketing can be an incredibly versatile and useful tool for companies, but only when CAN-SPAM compliance and other regulations are met. A business can follow several tips to improve email compliance and ensure that it is getting the most out of a digital marketing strategy.

Know the different types of email advertising

Email marketing solutions can have different results depending on the approach taken. Certain avenues will be more effective at enhancing brand reputation while others focus on increasing sales. Ultimately, the end result is the same – improving overall business – but sometimes a company needs one approach much more than another, and needs to know what paths to take to achieve that goal.

Remember to integrate social

Many companies integrate social media efforts with email to increase their effects. Making email sharable increases reach even further by allowing consumers to provide the contained information with their Twitter feed or Facebook friends, but compliance still holds and important place here. The federal and state rules for compliance usually cover all forms of communication, and any message that goes out in a marketing strategy, whether on email or in the 140-word format of Twitter, needs to comply to those regulations.

Remember to inform

Providing consumers with all relevant information and avoiding hiding data, even accidently, will help to ensure compliance more than any other effort. By investing in email campaign management solutions and keeping emails relevant and informative, a business can see success with its efforts without putting itself at financial or legal risk, and gain all of the benefits that email marketing provides in the digital age.

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