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Email marketing integration isn’t so much about implementing a new solution as it is coordinating social, web, video and email marketing initiatives to work in conjunction with each other. For many businesses, these channels all provide unique benefits, and it’s only by bringing them together that a company can really enhance its advertising and marketing strategies.

According to emailInsider many companies have been trying to integrate email and social marketing solutions for some time. However, results are still “all over the board.” Some businesses have given up and keep the two separate, while others focus on one or the other with minimal support for the alternative. However, it’s the businesses that are integrating the two solutions equally, adding links to social media pages in email content or providing email information on those social networking sites, that are getting real benefits from the two.

The main benefit of social marketing is sharing. Not only can the business share information with consumers, but consumers can share it with each other, and recommending something is as easy as hitting a “Like” button or retweeting it. Email content isn’t as easy to share, which is why integrating the two is so important. According to the news source, a business can integrate the ability for customers to share email content into their social stream, but it has to ensure the content really is “share-worthy.” This means examining the content going into email marketing services and ensuring it’s of the highest quality.

Social account integration
There is more than one way to integrate the services as well. In some cases, integrating site accounts with social networking profiles can help users keep track of information and perform list management more easily while reducing returns and inactive account sending. “One sign in to rule them all” gives consumers more incentive to create accounts on sites, which in turn will give businesses more data to utilize.

Really, the end goal for a business when integrating email with other marketing initiatives is to give consumers a way to receive unique information and deals. By including social, web and other marketing schemes with email, a company can more easily increase it’s brand recognition and reputation and get free advertising from consumers. However, a company still needs to pay attention to the little details and ensure that it’s using the right tools for suppression list management and other compliance needs, or everything could fall apart.

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