Seamlessly Blend Email Performance & Compliance

Your streamlined approach to email marketing integrates brand safety, compliance, and performance.

OPTIZMO x Atwave

As you take your first steps with Atwave, enhancing your brand’s reach through targeted email marketing, we’re here to ensure your journey is not only impactful but also aligns with the highest standards of brand safety and compliance. To help make the launch of your email program as seamless as possible, Atwave has partnered with OPTIZMO, the industry’s recognized leader in email compliance technology, to help ensure that your campaigns follow key legal requirements and best practices.

We know that having to sign up and manage multiple vendor accounts can be time-consuming and complicated. Which is why our parternship with Atwave is designed to take the hassle out of the process, while providing all the benefits of working with both companies. 

Free Trial

As a new Atwave client, you will receive a 90-Day Free Trial with OPTIZMO, aligning with your initial email program test period. Once your email program reaches its full rollout, your account with OPTIZMO will switch over to our standard pricing, based on the size of your email suppression files stored in our system. Please note that this free trial is only available to new Atwave clients. 

Getting Started

Getting started with OPTIZMO is as easy as reaching out to our dedicated Atwave sales executive, Jake Dearstyne, at You can also get in touch with Jake by filling out the form below. Jake will walk you through the easy setup process with OPTIZMO and also provide pricing information for after your free trial. 

Once you have been officially set up in the OPTIZMO system, which can often be completed within 24 hours, we will assist with any lift required to get any existing email suppression files imported, typically with one short meeting. This process can be easily completed while you’re in your initial setup with Atwave.  

OPTIZMO & Atwave: Better Together

Brand Integrity

Navigate the complexities of email marketing with the confidence that your brand is protected at every turn. OPTIZMO helps ensure your campaigns align with all regulatory requirements while safeguarding your brand reputation.

Compliance Management

OPTIZMO’s suite of tools provides transparency and accountability into your third party email campaigns. Our system will alert you about a variety of affiliate actions necessary to keep your campaigns compliant.

Easy Onboarding & Seamless Integration

There is no easier way to allow Atwave to scale high-performance and compliant email campaigns for your brand. Atwave will have instant and around the clock access to a completely updated suppression file for its entire network of publishers. 

Get in touch today to activate your 90-day free trial with OPTIZMO! 

Companies large and small agree that OPTIZMO™ and Atwave™

work better together.

Just a few of our success stories are below.

“I have nothing but great things to say about OPTIZMO! We started utilizing their platform as a solution to securely and effectively manage and automate our suppression lists- especially for the new websites we have recently added to our online dating network. OPTIZMO’s flexible and scalable interface, consisting of excellent opt-out analytics and detailed reporting help make a significant difference in the way we monitor and manage our email marketing campaigns. OPTIZMO also ensures that our email campaigns maintain CAN-SPAM compliance, which is also extremely important to us. I recommend Optizmo as a suppression list management solution for your business, and I do hope to continue working with them in the future.”

Carlos Ealdama
Online Marketing Management,

“I have been doing business with Khris and the OPTIZMO team for for almost 10 years now. During that time I have been quite impressed with the quality of solutions that Khris brought to the table. Equally as important and noteworthy is the manner in which Khris and the team manage the relationship. I have found Khris to be a trustworthy, ethical business man that truly understands the value and meaning of win/win.”

Sal Tripi
AVP Digital Operations & Compliance, Publishers Clearing House

When we first sought a company to help manage Blue Global’s compliance, OPTIZMO came highly recommended throughout the industry. After using the technology and getting to know the team, it was clear we were in the best of hands. Not only is the platform efficient and “dummy-proof”, Khris and the team take things to the next level with excellent personality and availability. An intelligent, creative, hilarious and easy-going team, we definitely are looking forward to many years of successful partnership!”

Jillian Zerwas
Vice President of Sales, Blue Global Media