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OPTIZMO is Everflow’s trusted partner for Email Compliance and Email Suppression List Management. Everflow is integrated with OPTIZMO to provide seamless opt-out collection and email suppression list management to ensure CAN-SPAM compliance.

The Foundation of CAN-SPAM Compliance

The CAN-SPAM Act sets the rules of the road for companies engaged in email marketing in the U.S. Compliance can become complicated when you start including partners in your email program, but OPTZMO’s platform automates the process, allowing you to build a long-term successful email partner program. 

Processing Email Opt-Outs

One of the most important requirements of CAN-SPAM is that email marketers provide recipients with a way to opt-out of future email marketing campaigns – typically with an unsubscribe link. When you utilize partners in your email program, you must collect the opt-out requests generated by your email partners, keep them stored in a secure database, and ensure that none of your partners send messages to them in the future. 

Email Suppression List Management

OPTIZMO collects all the opt-out requests generated by your partners’ email campaigns and stores them in a central database which your partners use as a suppression file for all future mailings. This ensures that both you and your mailers are compliant with this requirement of CAN-SPAM.

Why Does Compliance Matter?

Non-compliance with CAN-SPAM can lead to large fines from the FTC or other legal actions, but fortunately, OPTIZMO can help you navigate the compliance landscape by automating the entire opt-out and suppression process – making compliance simple and achievable.  

Getting Started

If you don’t already have an email suppression list management partner, OPTIZMO is here to help you get your partner email marketing program up and running, focusing on compliance from the start. 

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“I have nothing but great things to say about OPTIZMO! We started utilizing their platform as a solution to securely and effectively manage and automate our suppression lists- especially for the new websites we have recently added to our online dating network. OPTIZMO’s flexible and scalable interface, consisting of excellent opt-out analytics and detailed reporting help make a significant difference in the way we monitor and manage our email marketing campaigns. OPTIZMO also ensures that our email campaigns maintain CAN-SPAM compliance, which is also extremely important to us. I recommend Optizmo as a suppression list management solution for your business, and I do hope to continue working with them in the future.”

Carlos Ealdama
Online Marketing Management,

“I have been doing business with Khris and the OPTIZMO team for for almost 10 years now. During that time I have been quite impressed with the quality of solutions that Khris brought to the table. Equally as important and noteworthy is the manner in which Khris and the team manage the relationship. I have found Khris to be a trustworthy, ethical business man that truly understands the value and meaning of win/win.”

Sal Tripi
AVP Digital Operations & Compliance, Publishers Clearing House

When we first sought a company to help manage Blue Global’s compliance, OPTIZMO came highly recommended throughout the industry. After using the technology and getting to know the team, it was clear we were in the best of hands. Not only is the platform efficient and “dummy-proof”, Khris and the team take things to the next level with excellent personality and availability. An intelligent, creative, hilarious and easy-going team, we definitely are looking forward to many years of successful partnership!”

Jillian Zerwas
Vice President of Sales, Blue Global Media